Freak Watching Time

Having been lulled to sleep by the droning whir of the turbo prop, I awoke to the yammering of the woman sitting behind me. I realized she had been talking the entire flight.  Like a yapping little dog at my ear.  I felt for the gentleman sitting next to her but smiled a little knowing I wouldn't have the same problem. I was sitting next to my wife and we have an understanding about flying and that is it's better to watch and listen to the traveling circus  around you than it is to communicate with each other. We'll get plenty of time to chat later—for now its freak watching time.

As the flight started to descend I heard the usual ping of the captain turning on the fasten seat belt sign and then the announcement from the flight attendant explaining the ping to us like we were children on some kind of tour through the futuristic world of air travel circa 1953. At this point I thought, "Wow, that crazy lady behind me is still talking....unbelievable."

Then she said something I'll never forget. She said, "I'm sorry, Peggy—I've got to go now. The flight is landing and I think I have to turn this thing off. I'll see you when I land."

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