Oh, Airplanes! Gotta Love Them

First, grab your pairs of pants and shirts. Don’t forget your toothbrush or you’ll have to use you finger for the rest of the trip. Once you’re packed, it’s off to the airport. Walk in with your luggage, wait to get your ticket and your bags weighed. Say goodbye to your parents who act like your trip is for more than two weeks. After long hugs and kisses, you’re ready to wait in line at security...but don’t be “that guy” who has something that goes off in the metal detector.

Get incredibly close to the security officer, even though you’ve never been introduced. Do not accidently leave your credit card in your pocket because it will most likely be deactivated. And if it gets deactivated and you don’t have cash, prepare to starve for the 12-hour plane ride. But don’t worry too much: you can sleep through most of your hunger pains.

If you can’t fall asleep because you’re distracted by the growling of your stomach, then you could always sky watch. It’s a great distraction for the mind. It’s where you look into the sky and try to find things to name and point out—a great game, especially if you’re alone. Try not to be too noisy so that when you look around everyone in the row next to you is staring. How embarrassing. If worst comes to worst, just smile and slump down into our seat. Before you know it, you’ll wake to a loud voice saying that you’ll land in 20 minutes, and to your own drool seeping out of the corners of your mouth. Buckle up and wait through the bumping of the plane...you’ll finally land.

As you walk off the plane, watch out for others’ feet that may be sticking out into the aisle—you don’t want to trip and fall into the guy in front of you, potentially causing a domino effect. Once you’re off the plane, stretch your legs and wait for your luggage. Then, find your group of fellow travelers and go off to experience more awkward,  yet very fulfilling, activities.


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