Ready to Land

We were on our night flight back home when I noticed that after the fasten seat belt sign went off and the stewardess started to serve drinks, this really old couple seated next to us began drinking several alcoholic beverages in a row. Dinner was served and the couple kept on drinking, stopping only when the window shades were closed, the cabin lights diminished, and everyone was ready for some sleep.

The next morning we woke up not long before landing. After a quick breakfast, the fasten seat belt sign went on and we all prepared to land. All of us, that is, except for the old lady who had dragged her feet to the lavatory. Her husband didn't even seem to notice that she'd gotten up. He just gazed out the window at the approaching ground.

The plane smoothly touched down, stopped, and when the seatbelt sign was unlit, the bathroom door opened and the really old lady stepped out. Still dragging her feet, she approached her husband who was still looking out the window.

He finally turned his head, looked at her, and started laughing.

The lady sat down. Maybe she was ready to take-off.


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