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today at the airport:

keshakush's avatar -> 7 days no sex makes one weak ughhhhh ready for my hubby to touchdown he mite get it in the car at the airport im so needy rite now#dntjdgme

AndrePenney's avatar -> @ Phoenix airport enjoying a Grande White Chocolate Mocha w/ a Cinnamon Caramel Scone @Starbucks with @jdpenney . Mmm.

nickwmay's avatar -> @porterairlines do you currently have any flight promos?

NickDeMoura's avatar -> I love when ppl are in wheel chairs at the airport then get up and walk down the bridge lazy ass's

kristycolley's avatar -> The irony is painful: we're going to screw you over while trying to make up for the last time we screwed you over. @delta #fixitplease

MizzHoneyB4Real's avatar -> Just saw @KimKardashian and @KourtneyKardash at the airport was right next 2 them!!!!! :D

NewsAmericanAir's avatar -> First class on @AmericanAir - The Economist (blog) :

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