Airplane Haikus


Memorial Day

weekend. I'm on my way to

North Carolina


to visit my bro

and his wife and their two kids,

my three-year-old niece


and the newborn boy.

I can't wait to smell his head!

Love that baby scent.


I've not seen David

in over a year. Maybe

longer. Should be fun.


It's good to get out

of New York for a little

bit. Get perspective.


See how others live:

in a house; with a backyard;

a porch; a driveway.


Good, too, to forget

about all the pretty girls

I want to sleep with.


David's down south. Our

sister's in Los Angeles.

And I'm in New York.


Why's that, I wonder?

Like same sides of batteries,

can't put us too close.


I love my siblings

like I love the moon: deeply,

from a safe distance.



Josh Lefkowitz is a writer and performer living in Brooklyn.

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